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Zhejiang Sanmen Huasheng Gear Co. Ltd.


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  • Contact:Mr.Zhixian Liu
  • Phone:86-576-83373829
  • Phone:86-576-83373829,13586235560

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Zhejiang Sanmen Huasheng Gear Co.,Ltd Located at the "gold coast" middle, eastern Zhejiang Sanmen Bay coastal banks (China town Mud Crabs - 3). Traffic convenient, Yong Wen Taiwan high-speed, high-speed, three-lane, 104 National Road through the mill before and after. From Ningbo Airport, the airport road and bridge less than 80 km, temperature-Taiwan is planning railway construction. Currently my company has Rapporteur more than 300 people, including senior technical management personnel and technicians more than 40 people. Companies footprint 12,000 square meters, construction of 8 over 1,000 square meters, mainly produced synchronous belt gear, synchronous belt die, and for supporting large embroidery machine factory production of synchronous belt round, and the provision of textile machinery, automobile accessories synchronous belt round of the machinery and accessories, and other products. Sales at the same time throughout the country and the United States, Australia, Japan and... [Details]

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